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GREECE: Cooperation Agreement between EKDDA, SEDA, and the Restorative Justice & Mediation Lab

On 27th March, the National Centre of Public and Local Administration (EKDDA), the Juveniles Probation Officers’ Association of Juvenile Courts in Greece (SEDA) and the ‘Restorative Justice & Mediation’ Lab of Sociology Department, Panteion University signed jointly a Cooperation Agreement on:

1. The designing and establishment of an innovative lab on prevention and addressing of juvenile delinquency.

2. The designing and implementation of educational activities and training programmes applying to the members of the Juveniles Probation Officers' Association of Juvenile Courts in Greece (SEDA). A Working Group will be composed by the members of the Main Teaching Personnel of EKDDA and the scientific staff of the ‘Restorative Justice & Mediation’ Lab of Panteion University for the designing of the training programmes. These programmes will address issues of restorative justice, delinquent juveniles’ treatment, mediation, victim-offender reconciliation, dispute resolution and other related topics.

MoU EKDDA panteion SEAThe Cooperation Agreement was signed by the President of EKDDA and Assoc. Prof. of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Ifigenia Kamtsidou, the President of SEDA, Paraskevi Zagoura and the director of the Restorative Justice & Mediation Lab of Panteion University and co-director of the Restorative Justice for all (RJ4all) Institute, Prof. Vasiliki Artinopoulou.  The collaboration will be supported by the Educational Institute (INEP) of EKDDA, represented in the meeting by its director, Dr.Anna Kontoni.

A Scientific Committee will be composed under the supervision and coordination of EKDDA, aiming to the optimal results of the whole project and the cooperation of all parts.


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  1. For more information about ‘Restorative Justice and Mediation’ Lab, please contact
  2. The ‘Restorative Justice and Mediation’ Lab of Panteion University focuses on the study, education & implementation of alternative dispute resolutions and promotion of restorative justice in general.