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-Born in Turkey (1945)

- Graduated -from English High School (1961)

-from Istanbul American (Robert) College (BA-1965)

-from Istanbul University, School of Law (LLB-1969)

-University of Texas, American Academy of International and Comparative Law (1975).

Worked as a research assistant at the University of Istanbul, Faculty of Law.

  • Fellowship of the Italian Government and worked at the Institutto di Criminologie e di Diritto Penale (Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology) , Scuola di Speccializzasione (1975-1976).
  • PhD. magna cum laude in Criminal Law with a book called “The Police Sub-Culture and Human Rights” (1986).
  • Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Law (1987).
  • Associate Prof. (Dozent) of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law with a book called “Criminal Punishment” (1993).
  • Director of the Justice College by the Law School (1996-2001).
  • Became a full professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure with a book called “Victimology” (1999) at the Istanbul University Faculty of Law.
  • Vice Director of the Center of Human Rights (Ist. Un.)
  • Vice Dean of the Law Faculty.
  • Chairperson of the Dept. of  Criminal Law.
  • Director of the European Law Center.
  • Director of the Research Center of Criminal Law and Criminology (at present).

-Teaches Criminal Law, Criminology, and Victimology at the Law School and Institute of Forensic Science (at present).


Besides her book on the Police,

-Criminal Punishment,

-Second ed. of Victimology, 5th. ed. of Criminology.

-Theory of Crime, General Principles of Criminal Law (Co-author),

-Theory of Punishment (Co-author).

Numerous articles on Criminal Law. Criminology and Victimology, Restorative Justice, Prison sentence, Family Violence (in Turkish, English and French).


-Istanbul Bar Association since 1971.

-International Society of Criminology (member of the Scientific Committee),

-European Society of Criminology,

-International Society of Victimology,

-Founder member of the Alumni Assoc. of the Istanbul Univ. Law School,

-Founder Member of the Association of Crime Prevention.

-Alumni Assoc. of the Istanbul University.

-Alumni Assoc. of Robert College.

-Alumni As. of University of Texas, American Academy of International and Comparative Law.

- Turkish Society of Criminal Law.

-International Society of Criminal Law (AIDP)