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RJ4All is celebrating Restorative Justice Week 2016


Since its foundation in 2013, the Restoratie Justice for All (RJ4All) Institute is celebrating RJ Week, inviting its Associate partners, members, and supporters from all over the world to share their thoughts, opinion, case studies, events and other material, and raise awareness of people and agencies. Restorative Justice Week (RJ Week*) is an annual event which is celebrated during November and serves as a unique opportunity to celebrate restorative justice, and to talk and learn about restorative justice, an ethos that was brought back in the 1970s in the form of mediation, conferencing, circles, community boards and other local initiatives. During RJ Week, RJ supporters, practitioners, academics, and other participants are engaged in actions, activities, written contributions, and events that aim to promote restorative justice and raise awareness of the public.

Stay tuned throughout the RJ week 2016, as this year, RJ4All is celebrating the RJ Week by providing a selection of free resources resulted as part of the RJ4All International Symposia on RJ, special book offers, and a special IJRJ Call for papers, all of which aim to inform, raise awareness and generate knowledge around restorative justice.

Free resources will become available throughout the week:

If you want to contribute and send your thoughts and material please email  

*RJ Week is originated from event of “Prisoner’s Sunday”, which was celebrated annually in England on the third Sunday of November, since 1975. This event was Christian-based and aimed to support prisoners and their families. The event was extended and renamed to “Prisoner’s Week” in 1995. In 1996, the event was again renamed to “Restorative Justice Week”. This change reflected the growing interest in restorative justice, as well as the need to focus more on victims, (ex-)offenders, and the community. Since then, RJ Week is gaining the interest of more and more individuals and organizations around the world, having become an international event. RJ Week has even been announced as a national event in Canada, aiming to address the impact and effectiveness of restorative justice and its implementation in Canadian community organizations and criminal justice system. Correctional Service Canada's (CSC) Restorative Justice Division hosts RJ Week, while each year a different theme is selected. Canada’s celebrations lead RJ Week to a great extent.