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'The Terrorist Within: From A Restorative Lens' - T.Gavrielides

On the 9-10 May 2017, RJ4All co-founder and co-Director Professor Theo Gavrielides will be presenting on The Terrorist Within and Restorative Justice at the IIPR Europe Conference, Conflict in Europe: Meeting the Challenge, in Dublin, Ireland.

The conference, organised by the International Institute for Restorative Practices Europe will cover several key issues that European countries are currently facing: de-radicalisation and preventing radicalisation; migration and immigration; and historic sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation, human trafficking and the sex trade.

Dr. Gavrielides' presentation will share much of his most recent article, published in the Canadian 'Justice Report // Actualites-Justice' special issue on global terrorism, with Dr. Gavrielides questioning whether "a public debate and a restorative dialogue for responsibility-taking and reconciliation might indeed be more fruitful than yet another 'war on terror'".

To download Dr. Gavrielides article “The Terrorist Within - From A Restorative Lens”, please click here.