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'The Terrorist Within: From A Restorative Lens' - T.Gavrielides


On the 9-10 May 2017, RJ4All co-founder and co-Director Professor Theo Gavrielides will be presenting on The Terrorist Within and Restorative Justice at the IIPR Europe Conference, Conflict in Europe: Meeting the Challenge, in Dublin, Ireland.

GREECE: Cooperation Agreement between EKDDA, SEDA, and the Restorative Justice & Mediation Lab


On 27th March, the National Centre of Public and Local Administration (EKDDA), the Bailiffs’ Association of Juvenile Courts in Greece (SEDA) and the ‘Restorative Justice & Mediation’ Lab of Sociology Department, Panteion University signed jointly a Cooperation Agreement on designing and establishment of an innovative lab on prevention and addressing of juvenile delinquency, as well as the designing and implementation of educational activities and training programmes to address issues of restorative justice, delinquent juveniles’ treatment, mediation, victim-offender reconciliation, dispute resolution and other related topics.

EU-funded project "PROTASIS: Police Training Skills"


Protasis – Police Training Skills” is a 2-year EU-funded project led by the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) and a partner consortium consisted of 5 Partners. The main objective of the project is to contribute to the development of a victim-friendly environment during the victims’ contact with the police, by ensuring that victims are treated in a respectful and sensitive manner, through the improvement and strengthening of police officers’ communication skills and knowledge on how to interact with victims.

MARGIN Project – The Final Conference


On 3rd - 5th April, Theo Gavrielides & Vasso Artinopoulou, the co-directors of Restorative Justice for all (RJ4all) Institute, will participate as key note speakers at the Final Conference of the MARGIN Project in Budapest, Hungary. Prof.

Conflict in Europe: Meeting the Challenge - IIRP EUROPE CONFERENCE


On 9th-10th May, Theo Gavrielides, the founder and co-director of Restorative Justice for all (RJ4all) institute, will participate as key note speaker at the conference “Conflict in Europe: Meeting the Challenge” in Dublin, Ireland.


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