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Free access to new special issue of Probation Journal


 Probation Journal by Sage Publications offers free access to high-impacted articles of Issue 2, Volume 63 “Transforming Rehabilitation: Reflections two years on” through July.

SPECIAL OFFER! Offenders No More: An Inter-disciplinary Restorative Justice Dialogue


Special 20% discount for Gavrielides, T. (2015). Offenders No More: An Inter-disciplinary Restorative Justice Dialogue, New York: Nova Science Publishers

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Press release: The financial, social and values’ crisis: A Restorative Justice response


The 3rd International Symposium on Restorative Justice, took place on 17th – 24th June in Skopelos, Greece under the auspices of the Restorative Justice for All Institute (RJ4All) to address justice issues as these are impacted by the world’s financial, moral and social crises. Eight countries were represented in this special, 7-day highly scientific event, structured around the values of friendship, respect, academic rigour and confidentiality. Leading scholars from a range of disciplines came together to debate in a Greek Symposium method the issue of moving restorative justice beyond theory and research to international policy and practice within the framework of the global economic crisis. 

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Free access to Criminology & Law articles: Special Terms for Authors and Researchers


STAR: Special Terms for Authors and Researchers constitutes an important initiative, which provides researchers in emerging regions with 31 days of free access to international and regional journals by Taylor &Francis.

Free Access to Special Issues: Victims & Offenders


Interested in Downsizing Prisons or Restorative Justice?

Then, the Victims & Offenders: An International Journal of Evidence-based Research, Policy and Practice offers free access to special issues from Volumes 10 and 11. 



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