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Promote your services in London prisons for free


Are you dedicated to making a lasting difference in someone's life? Are you a charity or an organisation looking for a free space to provide your service or speak directly with people in need? Are you looking for a free referral partner?

The real world crisis & restorative justice


 Dr. Gavrielides' blog entry about the impact of the crisis on financial but foremost on social level, and the role and potentials of restorative justice, while acknowledging the 'battles' and lack of "(a) discipline" within RJ. This blog entry was writen on the occasion of the forecoming 3rd International Symposium on Restorative Justice due to take place in Greece in June 2016.

Scholarship for the ECCHR’s Legal Training Program: Call for applications


The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) and the Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung, call for applications for the ECCHR’s Legal Training Program. Offering young people with limited financial means and/or from underrepresented geographic and social backgrounds the chance to gain professional experience in human rights work.

The call is addressed to young people with ‘ongoing or completed degree in law and/or another relevant subject area’, and with a ‘fundamental understanding of human rights and some experience in dealing with human rights topics’.

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Journal of Quantitative Criminology: Call for papers


The Journal of Quantitative Criminology calls for papers for a special issue on “Standard Errors in Quantitative Criminology: Taking Stock and Looking Forward”. The special issue will be edited by guest editors Gary Sweeten, Arizona State University, and Justin Pickett, University at Albany.

With an interdisciplinary focus, this special issue aims to combine ‘the importation of statistical techniques from other fields’ and the ‘introspection about the proper use of statistical techniques’ by ‘importing an introspective focus on common problems in quantitative research, as well as new methodological and statistical practices for addressing these problems, from other disciplines’

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Restorative Justice in the British Parliament


Dr. Theo Gavrielides' blog entry regarding his appearance before the House of Commons Justice Committee, that took place on Tuesday 19th April 2016, to give oral evidence on the effectiveness of restorative justice following the latest policy, legislative and institutional reforms in Britain, as  part of the Committee’s Restorative Justice Inquiry.


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