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New report: The use and effectiveness of restorative justice in criminal justice systems following child sexual abuse or comparable harms


A new report on "The use and effectiveness of restorative justice in criminal justice systems following child sexual abuse or comparable harms" was released in March 2016. This international literature review was commissioned by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (Australia) and aimed to "examine the research evidence on the use, justification and effectiveness of restorative justice approaches in relation to child sexual abuse, and any problems or concerns arising", focusing on RJ approaches used within criminal justice systems.

Introducing Restorative Justice to the Judiciary in Greece


A much anticipated conference will be held in Nafplio, Greece, on 19th March 2016. The Association of Greek Judges and Public Prosecutors for the Democracy and the Liberties, in cooperation with the Nafplion Bar Association, is organising a day-conference under the title “Restorative Justice. A Contemporary Perspective for Social Peace”. The conference will be focus on three crucial topics in the field of practise of Restorative Justice (RJ): RJ in Prisons, RJ and Domestic Violence, RJ and Juvenile Delinquency.

International Symposia on Restorative Justice: Taking Restorative Justice Forward

In 2011, Professors Th. Gavrielides and V. Artinopoulou came up with the idea of establishing the International Symposia on RJ in an effort to enhance the progress of restorative justice. Their aim was to bring together experts from a range of scientific fields to discuss and exchange ideas on RJ, whilechallenging the current models of research and academic thought”. Yet, what would be so exceptional about this event that could worth of putting it in place?
“So, let the journey begin!”

Restorative Justice Week 2015


This year, RJ4All is celebrating the Restorative Justice Week by providing a selection of free resources, such as innovative articles and commentaries, which aim to inform, raise awareness and generate knowledge around restorative justice.

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Press Release: The IARS International Institute celebrates in Parliament 10 yrs of Community-Led Solutions for a Fairer Society


Over 100 leading figures in the international research, policy and practice arenas celebrated the 10th anniversary of The IARS International Institute at a prestigious evening reception that took place on the 4th November 2015 at the House of Commons in London.

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