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International Restorative Justice Week 2014: Mainstreaming innovation Sticky

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I remember one afternoon in November 2012 in Vancouver, asking my friend Dr. Evelyn Zellerer, Director of Canadian-based Peace of the Circle, why Restorative Justice week is not a international event. Initiated by the Correctional Service Canada (CSC), it has been celebrated annually across Canada since 1996.

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International Restorative Justice Evening: Invitation Sticky


The Trustees of IARS and Channel 4 Home Affairs Correspondent and IARS' Patron, Simon Israel are delighted to hold this year's biggest international restorative justice networking event in the evening of Thursday 20th (18:00 - 21:00) at the Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1PL.

Restorative Justice Extending Empathy Workshops

Professor Lorraine Gamman (University of the Arts, London), Professor Robin Bryant (Law & Criminal Justice, Canterbury Christ Church University) and Michael Kearns (Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, Associate of the RJ4all Research Group) organized this project which aims to foster better understanding of empathetic processes and how creative practitioners deliver them.

Repairing our schools through restorative justice: Jean Klasovsky at TEDxWellsStreetED

"Relying on suspensions and zero-tolerance discipline doesn't deter misbehavior in schools--in fact, it makes matters worse. Teacher Jean Klasovsky shares Farragut High School's story, a model for how schools can improve climate and discipline by using restorative justice practices such as peace circles and peer juries. Such practices lead to reduced dropout rates and greater student achievement."

Family Mediation and specialized Family Court soon to be enacted in Greece


After the establishment of mediation for commercial, civil and labour disputes, the Greek government announced the enactment of a specialized Family Court in Greece and the attempt to institutionalize compulsory mediation for family disputes as well.

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